Sunday, 24 May 2009

What I wore

Dress is from COS,


  1. well i like it! i also hate those typical dresses..
    What kind of shoes did you wear with it?

  2. Oh you look gorgeous pet. Especially in the 5th picture. It's nice to see a less typical formal dress (mine was... fairly typical, but I just adored the colour and the cut).

  3. You look so much like Fabienne from Pulp Fiction, and that is one of the biggest complements possible. She is the cutest thing ever, pretty much.

  4. what a gorgeous dress! oh to wear a dress from COS to my formal... that would be lovely. unfortunately cos not having an online site and the fact that when you search cos into ebay you get listing for lettuce seeds isn't helping that much...

    great colour, and your make up is perfect!


  5. You look great, love the dress and the makeup.