Friday, 4 September 2009

Simplicity at its best

COS is a fairly new high street store bringing designer-esq tailoring to the high street for amazing prices.
The reasons I love COS are as follows:
The beautifully cut pieces
The vast range of colours- dusty pink mmm
It gives me an excuse to buy work-type clothes despite the fact that I don't go to work...
It's fun working out the reductions. Maths exercises - what is 70% of £69?
The carrier bags they give you are AMAZING. Big sky blue cardboard bags with a ribbon handle with the words COS in a font that tricks your eyes into thinking it's 3D.
I feel like I'm in Denmark, which has to be a good thing

ANYWAY, so they've made a new website and have a video that i'm slightly in love with



  1. SILK SILK SILKKKK indeed! :)

  2. mmmm I LOVE Cos so much. I was in London last year and spent way too much time in that store, their pieces are so well made and reasonably priced. I wish they (along with Monki, Weekday and H&M) would hurry up and get an online store!! Really love their trousers and dresses this season

  3. Sigh looking at all the gorgeous items just makes me really sad that I won't be able to own all of them :(
    I do love COS very much though! :)

  4. their summer collections are the awesomest. THANKS FOR TELLING ME THEY'VE GOT A NEW SITE omg i will be checking that out for a few hours...

  5. I love COS :) and I had no idea they had a new site, I'm off to check it out now xo

  6. I lovelovelove the sweater.

    great post.